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Property Valuation – Simplifying the Process of Selling a House

When a homeowner feels the family size is getting bigger and the current space isn’t enough, then he or she decides to move to a new, bigger house. Sometimes, people also look for new homes in new areas for some other reasons, like to reach for the better living facilities. Most of the homeowners will want to sell their old house to buy the new one. This is because not everyone can afford to buy multiple homes. Therefore, the wish of all homeowners would be to get the maximum price for their homes.

Sometimes, Selling a House Becomes a Complicated Process

Unfortunately, there are many instances where people are just not able to get the desired offer, even months after auctioning the property. Have you ever wondered why such situations occur? There can be a couple of reasons for this. Either the homeowner has auctioned the house at much higher price than its fair value, or the home might need some necessary improvements to get the attention of the potential buyers.

If I need to sell my house in Worcester, then I should know the average price of the comparable properties in my area. Therefore, I would hire a property valuer to know my house price estimate Worcester. Let’s see how hiring property valuation services can help us sell a house quickly.

How a Property Valuation makes it Simple

The purpose of property valuation services is to know the average property value Worcester of the similar properties. The first rule is to ensure a quick sale is that you must price your property right. Hiring the valuation services is the only way to know the current price of your property. Alongside that, you can also know why the value of your property isn’t as high as you expect it.

In the property valuation report, you will know the downsides of the property; hence, you can make the necessary improvements to improve the overall value of your house. If you have a positive property valuation report, then it will also be a peace of mind for the buyer that will encourage a fast sale. Actually, a property valuation report is a document with all-important data about the property that helps both seller and buyer. You need to pay for this service, but it is worth it as it can help you ensure a fast sale.

There Are Also Free Valuation Tools Available

No property valuer will offer you a free house valuation Worcester. However, there are certainly many free online property valuation tools. If you do not wish to hire the paid services of a property valuer, then you can take advantage of the free online valuation tools. These tools can also help you get an idea about your property’s current worth so that you can ask for the right price.

The cost of hiring professional property valuation services is not that high. If you wish to sell your home and want to sell it quicker, then it is recommendable to hire the services of a professional property valuer. It is also important to make sure that you are hiring a certified and experienced valuer for the most accurate estimate.

Property Value Worcester

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The Average House Prices in Birmingham 2017

According to a recent survey, the Birmingham city is one of the fastest growing cities for the house prices in the year 2017. For a while now, the city has experienced an average price increase of 7.8% to £154,900. Overall, the price growth of the UK city houses is at 5.1%/annum that has decreased from 8.8% in June 2016. While the prices of houses in the Birmingham keep on going up, the other cities in the country are experiencing a slow house price growth.

Average Current House Prices in Birmingham

The prices of different homes in the city can go up or even down by the time because of certain factors. As per the statistics of October 2017, the average property values in Birmingham stands at £188,006. When we look at the history of the last three months, then it is a 1.71% decline. However, the property values have increased 1.77% since the last 12 months. The average sale price of the flats in the city was £146,109 and the price of houses with terraces was about £150,014.

In the survey that recorded these figures, approximately 10,000 home sales happened in the city. The survey has revealed that approximately £3,247 additional value to the home sales in the city, since 2016.

How to Know the Price of Your Property

While the property rates in the Birmingham keep on increasing, it is still important to know the exact current worth of your property, while selling it. If you are living in this city and you wish to know the value of your house, then you can hire a house valuation Birmingham company. This is the only feasible and the authentic way to determine what value your property holds now. The free online property valuation tools are also available, but they just cannot provide the most accurate figures.

free House Valuation Coventry

How to Hire the Right Property Valuation Company

There are a number of companies performing property valuation in Birmingham. How you select a company to know the value of your property is important. Here, the point is that if you do not hire a reputable valuation company, then you might not get the right results. It can result in a cheap value sale or your house may sell slower because you have auctioned it too high.

To pick the best property valuation company, you should perform a thorough research on the web. Read the local reviews, testimonials, and go through the portfolios of the different companies. All the reputable companies around will be highly experienced and known for providing the exact estimates on the current house prices in Birmingham city. Do not consider a company just because it offers you the services at lower rates.

Now that you have learned about the current prices of homes in the Birmingham, you can now auction your property rightly to sell it faster. Even if you are a buyer, you should hire the property valuation services to know the current worth of that property before buying it.

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5 Barriers Resisting a Quick Property Sale

Did you auction your house, but it is not getting the attention of the potential buyers as you were expecting? If your home is not selling fast at your desired rate, then there might be something wrong with your approach. It might not be the best home buying season, but you can still ensure a speedy sale by knowing the different factors that might be resisting against a quick sale. Here are the five most common barriers that you need to take out of the equation to ensure a quick sale.

  1. The Property Is Not Priced Right

Every homeowner would like to sell his or her property at the best possible rate. However, the fact is that it will only get the offer that it actually deserves. If I need to sell my property fast, then I will first estimate my house value to price it right. So, figure out if you have priced your property too high. In that case, you can’t expect a speedy sale.

So, you should consider the services of a property valuation company and ask them what’s the value of my house? After that, price your property in accordance with what the property valuation report says. This way, you will start to get much more offers than what you were getting before.

estimate my house value

  1. You are Not Paying Attention to the Curb Appeal

Another great way to ensure a speedy house sale is to enhance the curb appeal of the house. If you are overlooking this important factor, then this might as well be the reason behind the slow sale. Try to add the new planting flowers, sod, mailbox, and other related features before you auction your house. Remember that the potential buyers pay close attention to the curb appeal of a property.

  1. Your Home is Cluttered and Personalized

Doesn’t matter how big your home is. If it is excess furniture or a lot of junk, then it will start to feel smaller. Therefore, you must fix this thing up before inviting the potential buyers. Also, remove your family photos, political posters, religious items, and other such things to help the potential buyers imagine as if it’s their own house. Hiring a cleaning service is all that you need to DE-clutter your house.

  1. The Interior and Exterior is Not Appealing

You should value property online before and after updating the interior and exterior of your house. You will find a significant increase in your home value after adding the new home fixtures, updating the landscape, and offering a fresh coat of paint. If you are missing this trick, then you can’t expect to ensure a fast sale.

value property online

  1. Your Home is not Listed Correctly

Doesn’t matter what is the value of my property now, it won’t sell faster if it is not visible to the maximum potential buyers. So, have you used all the major online portals? If you are only relying on the local classified ads in the newspapers, then you are making a big mistake. The online portals have become a great tool today to sell properties faster. So, use all major online portals and you will start to get many offers.

If you can fix all the potential issues that we have discussed above, then I am sure that your property will sell faster. You can also get in touch with the local realtors. They will charge a small portion of the selling amount, but they can also help you ensure a fast sale.

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Tips to Boost the Value of a Property

When it comes to buying a property, like a home, it is probably the biggest investment that someone is going to make. The buyer will go through even the smallest aspects of the property to secure the investment. People looking to buy a new home don’t only analyze the home property values by address, but also consider many other factors. Therefore, as a seller, you need to pay attention to all the important factors that can have a significant impact on the value of your home.

If I ever have to boost the current property value of my home, then the following are the important tips that I would consider. You can also follow these smart tips to sell your home faster, at your desired rate.

First, Get Assistance of a Property Valuer

Before doing anything else to improve the home value, there needs to be someone who can tell us the current value of our property. For that purpose, there are the free online property valuation tools available. You can use these tools to check the worth of your home without paying any cost. However, if you really want an exact estimate, then you should hire a professional property valuer. By hiring a property valuer, you would not only be able to know the value of your property but would also be able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the property.

Instant Property Valuation

Perform the Necessary Repairs

In the property valuation report, you can see the reasons why your property value is a bit low. One of them might be the things like a cracked window, faulty door, or issues with the plumbing or electrical systems. Such repairs can have a great impact on the value of your house.

Add New Fixtures

By adding the new fixtures in your home, like a new HVAC, you can also add value to your home. The potential buyers don’t only see the home design or other things, but also look at the different fixtures of the home.

You Can Consider Kitchen and Home Remodeling

This is one of the most traditional and the feasible ways to improve the value of a home. Every real estate agent can tell you the importance of a modern day and fully functional kitchen and bath. Therefore, giving a retouch to these rooms will help you improve the overall value of your house. Kitchen and bath remodeling is one of those projects that pay off instantly.

House Painting

Never auction your home before getting it a new coat of paint. If the house paint is faded, scratched, or chipped away, then it will leave a bad impact on its sale. I personally believe that repainting my home will not only ensure a greater value than what is the value of my property now, but it will also ensure a quick sale. So, you can also consider house painting, to increase your home value.

Apart from the above-discussed tips, keep the home clean and clutter free. A dirty or cluttered place will never get the attention of the buyers. By considering all these tips, you can easily boost the property value, while also encouraging a quick sale.

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Expert Tips to Improve the Value of a House

What’s the value of my house is an important question that you need to get answered, when planning to sell it. And if you are not satisfied with the current value, then you can still make some necessary changes to boost the overall value. Before you finally put your home for sale, you should go through the expert tips that we are going to discuss right here. It will help you get your desire offer, while also ensuring a fast sale.

Current Property Value of My Home
                                      what’s the value of my house

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Every real estate agent will advise you to upgrade your kitchen that will return the best value. The old-fashioned kitchens can just damage the overall value of a house, so this is why you should consider a kitchen upgrade to sell it faster and at a high price. You can perform a mini-remodel, go stainless steel, and a rolling island can be a great addition.

Beautify the Bathroom

I personally believe that the value of my property can easily go up after beautifying my bathroom. Remember that a bathroom is a workhorse, so you need to keep it as functional and beautiful as it should be. Pay attention to the faucets, go marble or granite with the counter-tops, get creative with the lights, and keep it clean.

Paint Your House

Giving the walls a new coat of paint can also boost the value of your entire house. Select the colors that make the home look wide and open. Also, choose the best quality paint because the potential buyers will pay special attention to all such factors. The application of the paint should also be professional. Remember that painting a house is the most cost-effective way to improve the overall value.

Keep Your House Clean

The interior and exterior of your home really need to shine, if you want to get the attention of the potential buyers. So, you can consider pressure washing to wash the entire house both from inside and outside before you put it on auction. Clear all the clutter to make sure that it doesn’t look cramped when a potential buyer pays a visit.

Hire a Property Valuation Expert

After doing all the necessary improvements, updates, or upgrades, you can ask a property valuer to estimate my house value. I am sure that you will get an attractive estimate about the current worth of your house after making the changes that we have discussed above. The property valuer can also suggest you how you can improve the value of your house after highlighting the areas where improvement is required.

You can also value property online, anytime, to get an idea about how much your home values. Online valuation tools are free so if you don’t want to get the paid valuation services, then it’s a perfect alternate available. But, if you really want to ensure the best home value, then you must consider the tips and suggestions that we have discussed in this article.

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Micro and Macro Factors That Affect a Property Value

The real estate market across the world changes so quickly. Normally it goes up with the time, but certain properties can also go down with time due to several factors. In fact, many factors affect the value of a property. As a potential buyer or a seller, you need to be aware of those important factors. We are going to discuss some of the biggest micro and macro factors that can increase or decrease the value of a property.

  1. Micro Factors That Affect a Property Value

The property location is the biggest micro factor that affects the value of a specific property. The real estate agents or the property valuation experts will always calculate the home property values by address. No one should overlook this important factor. A home that is located in an area that lacks quality schooling, grocery markets, public transport, or other such amenities will never have a great value.

Updates and upgrades are also another important micro factor. If you ask a property valuer what is the value of my property now, then he will check whether it is in a ready-to-move condition or not. If no work is required, then you will get a higher estimate. If there are areas like kitchen or bathrooms where there is a need for an improvement, then you will get a low estimate.

Your neighborhood comps (or comparable properties) sold in the area also make a great impact on the market value of your home. When you contact a real estate agent and ask him to tell the current property value of my home, then he will look at the current sales in your area. The appraisal value and inspection report are also going to affect the value of your property.

  1. Macro Factors That Affects a Property Value

On a large scale, the economic indicators play a key role in deciding the value of a property. The ability of the consumers to support the housing rates mainly relies on different factors, such as income growth, unemployment, and GDP. Therefore, the value of a property can go up or down significantly as per the current local economic situation.

Interest rates are also one of the key macro factors. The current federal interest rate for the depository institutions is an important factor. It actually sets the bank costs to borrow the money. If the Fed interest rate is low, then it will establish the lower mortgage rate. In turn, the monthly mortgage payment that a homebuyer needs to pay will be less. Remember that the loan will become more affordable if the monthly payments are smaller.

The current environment for the investors is also an important factor to consider. If there were more short sales and foreclosures, then there would be a great opportunity for the domestic/foreign investors to get the inexpensive properties. You can get an idea of your property by considering free online property valuation, anytime.

What's the Value of My House

To wrap things up, apart from the micro and macro level factors discussed above, there are also a few other factors, like mortgage interest tax credit, zoning restrictions, local builder activities, local regulations, etc. The proximity to the playgrounds and parks, light and noise pollution, crime rate, air quality, and road quality also plays a key role in deciding the value of a property.

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The Pros and Cons of Free Online Property Valuations

What is the worth of my home is an important question that every homeowner will have in mind, while planning to sell the home. Many free online property valuation tools can offer you an instant idea on how much you can expect to get for your home. But, the question is, is it really worth it to consider those online tools? Buying or selling a home is certainly a big transaction. So, you need to think twice before you choose between the computer-generated and professional valuations.

Online Property Valuation – The Pros

One of the best advantages that come with the online instant property valuation is that it provides an instant, rough idea on your home’s current worth. Wherever you are, you can use the online valuation tools from anywhere, whenever you need to get a quick estimate. You are also not going to pay even a single penny to get that idea. So, it is totally free and the quickest way to know what is the market value of your property.

Instant Property Valuation

Online valuation is also a beneficial tool for the buyers. It actually works like a helpful reference tool. The buyers can compare the values of the different homes in their desired town right from their own location before investing in a particular property. All you need is to enter the data, like address, area size, the number of rooms, stories, and fixtures of the home in those tools.

Online Property Valuation – The Cons

The biggest disadvantage of using the online tools is the authenticity. For instance, if I value my home online on different valuation tools, then I might get different values. Different property valuation websites use different formulas to generate reports. So, these tools can never be as reliable as the professional valuation can be. Regardless of the fact that technology has advanced, you still cannot compare it to the opinions provided by the human beings.

Value Property Online

Another problem with online valuation is that it will never cover all variables. For instance, if I wish to value my property online by providing the necessary details, then the system just cannot measure the facts, like the structural integrity of the house, quality of material used, and other relevant things. On the other hands, a professional valuer will thoroughly inspect all aspects of the building and gather all necessary facts. This will ensure a complete, authentic valuation report.


If you are someone with a question, like how to know the most accurate value of my property now, then you must consider the services of a professional valuer. By looking at the pros and cons of the free valuation, it is quite clear that online valuation is only good if you just want to have an estimate of a property. You must look for a reputable, professional property valuer to know the value of a property, whether you are planning to sell or buy a property.

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5 Tips to Sell Your Property Fast

It might not be the peak season to sell a house. But, do you still want to sell your home fast, while also getting your desired price? This is definitely something every seller desires, regardless of whatever time of the year it is. A seller can take a few steps for a speedy sale. This article will set you up for a quick sale. So, let us look at some important tips that you must know in order to sell your property fast and at your desired rate.

  1. Price Your Property Right

People think that they should ask for a higher price, and then lower it down gradually if they do not get the desired rate. In reality, a tactic will slow down the sale. You should hire a property valuer and ask him what is the current property value of my home? Once you know the current rate of your property, you should price it according to that.

  1. Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Talk to a real estate agent or an independent property valuation expert about what are the important factors affecting the value of a property. They will tell you to improve the overall curb appeal of your house. It means that you should add new sod, replace the mailbox, plant new flowers, and paint the front door/window. These minor things can eventually get you an enhanced property value.

  1. Updating the Interior & Exterior

Give your home a makeover by introducing the new fixtures, painting the walls, and updating the landscape. This is an affordable and easy way to uplift the value of your house. To know how much difference you can make to the value of your home, you should check the value of your home online through free property valuation, with and without the updated fixtures. So, update your home with the new features, and then value property online to see how much your home’s value is increased.

  1. Declutter Your House

If there are too many things in your house, then it will feel as if there is not too much space. If you want that the potential buyers should find it as a large space, then you must remove the knickknacks and the excess furniture from the home. Also, remove your personal items, like the family photos. This is necessary because when a potential buyer visits your home, then he should imagine it as a place of his family, not yours.

  1. Make Sure to Use all Popular Online Portals

If I know the current value of my property and I have also listed it right, but I am still not able to get the best offer, then there must be something wrong with how I have listed it. The idea is to use all major online portals to list your home. You can also post an ad on the social media platforms, like Facebook. They are currently the most popular way to sell a property fast.


Before I post my property ad anywhere, I must know what’s the value of my house. I will recommend you to do the same. After knowing the current value, we must make necessary home improvements for a better curb appeal. At the end, using the right online and offline portals will help us sell the property fast and at the desired rate.

Current Property Value of My Home


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What Is Property Valuation and How It Works

You may have heard the term “property valuation,” if you have been looking around to buy or sell a home. Buying or selling a home is one of the most critical stages of every person’s life. It definitely demands a huge investment to buy a new house. In addition, when selling a home, the homeowner would always be eager to get the best possible offer. In such circumstances, a property appraisal can work in favor of both seller and the buyer.

Property Valuation

Property valuation is a method or a process that analyzes the current value of a house or other building. Through property price valuation, the buyer or the seller is able to know the current value of the property. There are the property valuation professionals and companies that one can hire to get a property valuation report. Here is how this service works in favor of both buyer and the sellers:

For Sellers: Through residential property valuation, the seller will know the current value and the weak areas of the house. Therefore, the homeowner can improve those areas to get a better, higher offer from the potential buyers.

For Buyers: When the buyer reads the property valuation report, he can actually ensure that he is not going to overpay for the particular home or property. There are instances where people have actually spent much more money to purchase a property than what it actually deserves.
Independent Property Valuation

The Property Valuation Process

The process of independent property valuation is a complete, thorough analysis of a property. It is a “real estate appraisal.” It is a complicated method, which involves a few methods preferred for determining the value. Three different methods can evaluate your property:

  • Sales comparison method
  • Income approach method
  • Cost approach method


First, you will have to hire a property valuation company. The company will send the team of professionals to your place who will gather the required data. They will keep an eye on the factors, like whether or not your home is located in a developed area. The street in which your home is located also plays an important part. They will also analyze the structural integrity and age of your building structure during the process. The professionals will also take area unit and a number of rooms and stories into the consideration.

valuation of property

At the end, the company will compile all the facts that they have found during the inspection to form the result in a final report. That report is a property appraisal report. This report will work as a solid bridge between the buyer and seller, making sure that the buyer is going to get the right property for his investment and the seller gets the reasonable amount.

If you are planning to buy or sell your home, then you should consider property valuation services. For a buyer, it will secure your investment. As a seller, it will help you quickly sell your property by getting your desired offer.

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Independent Property Valuation – Saving Your Valuables

Suppose if you have a property worth a lot and are still unaware of it. That would be a big waste, especially if you sell it at a loss unwittingly. Well, you need an independent property valuation soon. It will help you know the value your place. Property valuation is not only for the purpose of selling your property. It is to keep you on the safer side.
Independent Property Valuation

Life is cruel and it hardly gives chance to make better choices. So, when you get a chance of property valuation, never miss it. Otherwise, later you will regret it.

Independent Property Valuation – Residential and Commercial
Free Property Valuation

You will always be in a need of property evaluation, for either your home or your commercial property. In property valuations, agents consider the location of your property, the exterior, and interior of your property.

The exterior includes all the things that beautify your property and attract the buyers for investment. Your interior valuation of property includes your construction material, your decor, and quality of things like the floor, walls doors and paint. More important than all these is the location of your house. It increases the worth and decreases it.
Residential Property Valuation

Well, not to worry if your house is not much valued but you can make it better by the help of professionals. They will guide you in the better way. Residential property valuation should be time-to-time to keep on self-updated with the market rate of the property. Usually, property rates increase. The best time to sell your property is when it is at its best price. You can then invest your money in next project. Is that not an excellent idea of money making?


Commercial property valuation also works on similar principles. The exterior and interior matter when you want to purchase or sell a commercial building.

How to Make Best Out of Your Property

Well, independent property valuations help you in making best out of your property. If your property is not so valuable, then they can help you make it better. By spending less, you can earn more. Making your property appealing you can attract more customers and make a good deal.

Improving your landscape can also help in increasing the worth of your house. Work on your exterior or interior.

Why Independent Property Valuations
Independent Property Valuation

You realize the benefit of owning a property over the time when its cost rises. Similarly, you will be glad to know the benefits of independent property valuations after taking professional help. Some of the benefits are:

  • It gives you an idea of your property
  • You get the update of the market rate
  • When you find the best rate, you can sell out your property
  • You get to know the resale value of your house.
  • Valuation helps in selling or buying your house
  • It prevents from negotiation with the seller or buyer