Home Inspection Tools You Need To Know

Home inspection proves to be one of the best ways to find out the aspects of your building. A well-qualified home inspector leads to a successful process and helps you know the worth of your building. The process is vast and has been categorized by the professional inspectors for their as well as your ease. From testing your basic building structure to your HVAC system, electric systems and so on, they go deep down into the research of inspecting your property. They are trained not to miss any corner of your house and provide you a detailed report along with the digital photographs.

When you look for “Home Inspection Companies Near Me in Clifton Park NY”, you aim for the five-star service can only be achieved with well-qualified inspectors. Beyond being licensed and insured, ensure that professionals possess all the basic tools. Here is a guideline for the home inspection equipment for every inspection.

Home Inspection’s Tool Box

Here is a little inside view of an inspector’s toolbox.

Electrical Inspection Equipment

An electrical inspector is known for testing all your wires, switches and everything installed at your place and runs with an electricity. Here is a list what an electrical inspector should possess.

  • Basic circuit tester
  • arc-fault circuit interrupters
  • AFCI testers
  • Voltage indicator

These are helpful in testing your system and finding out the faults (if any) with the running appliances.

Diagnostic Tools

Home inspectors are familiar with all the tools and techniques required to inspect your home. Every corner of your room needs to be inspected. Qualified inspector must equip with the equipment listed below:

  • Combustible gas detectors
  • Moisture meters
  • Carbon monoxide analyzer
  • Infrared cameras
  • Spectroscopes
  • Digital infrared thermometers
  • Radon monitors


Inspectors also need ladders to reach the highest corner of your room. Therefore, when the professional home inspector reaches your place, they come along with;

  • Telescoping Ladders
  • Articulating ladders

Other Tools

Beyond these basic tools, there are many other small tools that an experienced home inspector and the best radon testing companies in Clifton Park NY carries.

  • Flashlights
  • Telescoping magnets
  • Inspection mirrors
  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • Smoke pens and more

The home inspector is much concerned about their safety, so they do not forget to carry safety equipment with them. If your inspector possesses all these tools, you have hired the right professionals.


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