Radon Inspection – How to Resolve Radon Issues From Your Home

With every coming year, we set few goals for ourselves. That can be anything from your health, finding a better job, improved living styles to many more. To meet our new year resolutions, we bring many different changes in our lives. We strive to live a healthy life and to adopt a healthy lifestyle, some of us may start jogging on the treadmill and some of us just start eating green food. We all have different concepts about being healthy and fit. However, we all have been ignoring one of the deadly reasons that is affecting our health. Yes, radon. It has been living in our house for years causing us many diseases and we are roaming around to look for the right cause of our illness.

Apart from hiring a professional for radon inspection in Lake Oswego OR, do you know it’s simple to reduce radon exposure with these following steps?

Home Inspection

Learn About What Radon Gas

The very first thing that you need to know for reducing the problem is to know what the problem actually is. Yes, you need to explore what radon is and how dangerous it can be for your health. The invisible and odourless gas is radioactive which makes is the number one reason for the lung cancer. It can be found anywhere, be it your home, apartment or office buildings. Radon exposure is high in certain areas and especially in winters.

Buy A Radon Test Kit

You can perform the radon testing at your home. All you need is to buy a radon testing kit that is easily available at any hardware store. If you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, you can call Home inspector in Lake Oswego OR, that also offers radon inspection. They have the right tools and techniques to perform the task and you can sit back to watch them doing their job.

Retest Your Home If Its Low

Radon test should be conducted after every two years and in different seasons to keep your home safe. It is necessary as radon reacts differently in different situations and weather conditions.

What If It Measures High?

If your radon testing results are higher, it is better to consult radon specialist as soon as possible. While looking for a company, ensure that your company provides onsite estimates. Do not forget to read the reviews. Look for the company’s as well as individual’s license. Before signing the deal, read the quote carefully. Check out the radon reduction warranty.

Once the process is done, prepare your home for best radon systems so that you can avoid the problem in future.


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